southern ethiopia


Southern Ethiopia is a land of tremendous natural beauty and culture. It offers high mountains, steep valleys, rolling plains, and plentiful rivers and lakes. Besides such impressive natural sceneries the national parks of the region have Ethiopia’s only wild areas of savannah where one can still see large herbivores with their predators in their natural settings.


Bale Mountains National Park

Bale Mountain national park is situated some 425km south-east of the capital Addis Ababa. It is the best place in the country for mountain walks, horse trekking, scenic drives. The Bale Mountains National Park is one of the largest mountain parks in Africa displaying the most widespread area of Afro-alpine habitat in the continent. It invites enormous number of bird species, many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals like Mountain Nyala and Red Fox.


Omo valley

Visit the paradise for culture and nature lovers. Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of many different ethnic groups. Southern Omo people, who live on the boundaries of Mago and Omo National Park , are most interesting and very special for they preserve their ancient traditional way of life as it was ever before centuries ago. This area is considered as the “living Museum to Anthropologists contains inhabitants of different colorfully decorated ethnic indigenous.


Meet the Mursi tribe whose women wear huge lip plates and whose men participate in ritualistic stick duelling; the Hamar women, among the most beautiful in East Africa and whose various metal ornaments indicate their marital status; the Karo, known for their body painting and dancing; and other tribes like the Tsamai, Bana, Erbore, Konso, Gabbra and Borana, with equally fascinating customs. Body painting, lip plates, body scaring, bull jumping is among different ways of life in southern Omo tribes.


Poor roads make the visit of southern Omo region very difficult during the rainy season especially on April and May. Due to this reason very few numbers of travel agents runs tour to south Omo, however we can, with our camping facilities, drivers and professional tour guides can advise you and make your trip available to this astonishing place.


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