About Ethiopia

The country in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia is really a land of stunning manmade and natural beauty. It is a country of great antiquity, with a culture and traditions dating back more than 3,000 years. Offering a total of 13 UNESCO registered heritages (Four intangible and Nine tangible heritages), the attractions of Ethiopia are of world renown, and the development of the Country as the foremost tourist destination in North East Africa has opened up Ethiopia to a new generation of tourists, to whom a visit to the land of the Queen of Sheba, the rest of the Ark of the covenant, the birthplace of the Blue Nile, the origin of Coffee and the ‘cradle of mankind’ was previously just a dream. The fact that Ethiopia’s heritage dates back from the beginnings of mankind was first underlined when the remains of ‘Lucy’, which is dated from 3.5 million years ago was discovered; and the very recently the discovery of a 4.4 million year old ‘Ardi’, a hominid who lived 4.4 million years ago-man’s oldest anthropoid ancestor-made Ethiopia mysterious for scientists of the field.

The climate is dependent on the physical terrain and its position close to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. There are two principal seasons, rainy from June to September, (although the sun still shines on most days), and dry for the rest of the year, Just perfect for discovering the riches of the country.

Ethiopia is a multi-pot of culture. With over 80 different peoples, the cultures of Ethiopia’s communities are prominent in its lifestyle. With traditions going back to the days of Axum 100 BC, the strong religious settings, celebrations and festivals play an important part in the country’s daily lives. Tourists enjoy Ethiopia’s old dated Christian Orthodox festivals. One of the most colorful religious festivals in Ethiopia is the ‘Timket’ (Epiphany). Registered by UNESCO as one of Ethiopia’s cultural heritages, Timket is celebrated on the 19th of January. It is a ceremony dedicated for the baptism of Jesus Christ at different waterfronts or sacred pools around the country.