Hiking & Trekking in Ethiopia

Trekking Simien Mountains National Park 

With a total area of 412km2 ranging from 1,900 to its highest peak Ras Dashen 4,533m above sea level, the Simien Mountain National Park is one of Ethiopia’s most popular trekking destinations. It is one of Ethiopia’s UNESCO registered World Heritage Sites. The dramatic landscapes of these mountains are one of Ethiopia’s most amazing geological features. These mountain ranges are made up of several massive plateaus separated by broad river valleys offering spectacular scenery. Here at the Simien Mountains a number of peaks rise above 4,000 meter. The mountains are home to three of Ethiopia’s extremely rare endemic mammals on earth namely the Gelada Baboons, the Walya Ibex and the Simien Fox.

Enjoy adventurous trekking to these spectacular mountains where massive erosion over the years on the Ethiopian plateau has created.as. Let us take you for a trek at one of the most remarkable landscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices droppings. Through your trekking routes you will hike through rugged, mountain range composed of majestically open cliffs and several peaks above 4000 meters. Hiking in the Simien Mountains is, for many travelers, one of the highlights of any trip to Ethiopia; and one of the top adventurous trekking destinations you don’t need to miss in Africa.

 Flora and Fauna

The Simien Mountains are classified in to three main vegetation zones which are: Montane forest belt ranging from 1900 to 3000m above sea level, Ericaceous belt which is also classified as Sub-Afroalpine ranging from 2700 to 3,700m and thirdly the Afroalpine zone which ranges from 3700 to 4533m above sea level.

Through your trekking route this first vegetation classification, trekkers, while camping or hiking should keep their eyes open as they could spot animals such as Vervet monkey, Bushpig, Grey Duiker, Black-and-white Colobus monkey, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Serval, and Hamadryas baboon. And from birds Bird watchers should look for the Abyssinian woodpecker, Abyssinian catbird, and Abyssinian oriole for their daily trek route. While at the second classification of vegetation, here at the Simien Mountain National Park hikers should keep their eyes open for the endemic Walia Ibex, Galada Baboon, Golden (common) Jackal, Klipspringer, and Grey Duiker could be spotted. Bird watchers should look for species including the Abyssinian Catbird, Wattled Ibis, Thick-billed Raven, and Bearded vulture (Lammergeyer). Other rare mammals such as Hamadrya Baboons, Leopard, Caracal, Serval, wild cat, spotted hyena, golden jackal, and Anubis baboon are also among the lists to open an eye on. At the third vegetation classification of the park mammals such as Ethiopian wolf*, walia ibex*, gelada*, serval, spotted hyena, golden (common) jackal and klipspringer could be found in this area. While prominent birds in this classification include the Black-headed Siskin, Ankober serin, Spot-breasted Plover, Abyssinian Woodpecker, Abyssinian Long-claw, White-collared Pigeon, Thick-billed Raven and Bearded vulture (Lammergeyer) are to consider watching.

For senior citizens a soft trek to a day trip to the mountains is a common activity while longer trekking routes, depending on your fitness level and wider interests, could be arranged. Contact us and let us arrange your trekking tour to these magnificent mountain sights.