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Tegistu Adane is a well-known, licensed, professional tour guide serving since 1999. Having earned a Bachelors Degree from Bahir Dar University in journalism and communications, where he graduated with honors, Tegistu has excellent communication skills and knowledge of the tourism sector. He is well qualified, passionate, loyal and knowledgeable about the history, archaeology, architecture, culture, geography and religion, as well as the animals and birds of Ethiopia. He is highly recommended by previous clients, and has excellent relationships with area businesses.


"As world travelers, my wife and I have seen many parts of the world from the continent "down under" to the mountains and tundra of northern Canada . Recently we enjoyed a scientific expedition to the mountainous regions around Bahir Dar and Debre Tabor for the purpose of studying the plant and insect biodiversity. On that trip we were extremely fortunate to have the expert guidance of Tegistu Adane of Ethiopian Travel Adventures. Most of the scientists on the trip were also birders, and the skills of Tegistu allowed us to accurately identify nearly 200 new species of birds! These were new to us and added nicely to our life-lists. But Tegistu was more than a "guide", he became a friend and fellow scientist in the field. We did not think of him as a tour leader or simply someone who knew the birds, rather he became a trusted scientist whom we all respected and enjoyed learning from his experience. We have fond memories of Ethiopia."

David and Susan Jarzen
Florida Museum of Natural History
Gainesville, Florida USA

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